I Scored a Hat-Trick!

No, I haven't given up reading and taken up cricket (that's where the term "hat-trick" originated back in the 19th century and means taking three wickets with three consecutive balls by the same bowler). My "hat-trick" was of a different kind.

This morning searching my library's new items catalogue I made three exciting discoveries:  three books by three Australian authors I follow, to be released in three consecutive months.

Worth Fighting For by Mary-Anne O'Connor

From Darwin to Pearl Harbour, Sydney to Papua New Guinea, a compelling story of courage, honour and a great love set against the epic backdrop of the Second World War.

Eighteen-year-old Junie Wallace is a smart girl and, with her two brothers away at war and her third brother just killed in action, she knows there is only one way to save the family farm for her grieving parents. Unfortunately, that solution involves marrying the unscrupulous Ernest, and breaking the heart of the young drover she loves, Michael.
But the war is looming ever closer, and when Pearl Harbour brings the threat of Japanese aggression to Australian shores, the fates of many becomes inextricably interwoven.

From the explosive battles of the Pacific campaign to the desperate fighting in the Papuan New Guinea rainforest; the dancehall gaiety of Sydney’s Trocadero to the terror of the Darwin bombings, this epic family saga brings home the importance of mateship and of fighting for what you believe in, even when impossible odds seem stacked against you, even when all seems lost…

Worth Fighting For is a resounding testament to the enduring force of love: a reminder of what can be achieved if you draw on your reserves of courage and listen to the truth in your heart.

From Mira/Harlequin Australia, due out October 2016.

Mary-Anne O'Connor
is the author of Gallipoli Street.

Beyond the Orchard by Anna Romer

Lucy Briar has arrived home in turmoil after years overseas. She’s met her fiancĂ© in London and has her life mapped out, but something is holding her back.

Hoping to ground herself and find answers, Lucy settles into once familiar routines. But old tortured feelings swarm Lucy’s existence when her beloved father, Ron, is hospitalised and Morgan – the man who drove her away all those years ago – seeks her out.

Worse, Ron implores Lucy to go to Bitterwood Estate, the crumbling historic family guesthouse now left to him. He needs Lucy to find something– an old photograph album, the very thing that drove Ron and his father apart.

Lucy has her own painful memories of Bitterwood, darkness that has plagued her dreams since she was young, and she’s hesitant to return. But as Lucy searches for the album, the house begins to give up its ghosts and she is driven to put them to rest.

And there, held tightly between the house, the orchard and the soaring cliffs, Lucy uncovers a long-hidden secret that shattered a family’s bond and kept a frightened young girl in its thrall ... and Lucy discovers just how fierce the lonely heart can be.

From Simon & Schuster Australia, due out November 2016.

Anna Romer
is the author of Thornwood House and Lyrebird Hill.

Mackenzie Crossing by Kaye Dobbie

A passion for photography draws two stories together across time to Mackenzie Crossing.

Neville ‘Pom’ Darling, is on the hunt for the perfect photograph.

Skye Stewart, is searching for her long lost grandfather.

It’s 1939, and Neville, escaping an unhappy marriage and his memories of the Great War, finds himself in Mackenzie Crossing on the day of the terrible Black Friday bushfires. He meets the beautiful Georgie Mackenzie and in an instant knows that she is the subject he has been looking for. As the heat intensifies, Georgie and Pom begin to wonder if they have a future together; but first, they must survive the blaze.

Almost sixty years later, Sky Stewart returns to the area in search of her grandfather. Did he survive the Black Friday bushfires? Who is the exotic woman in the photograph she found? But when she arrives in Elysian, the closest town to where Mackenzie Crossing used to be, she finds more of her hidden past than she bargained for. A more recent past which she would prefer stayed forgotten…

From Mira/Harlequin Australia, due out December 2016.

Kaye Dobbie is the author of Sweet Wattle Creek, Colours of Gold and more.


  1. Very exciting news. These sound like great finds - thanks for sharing the info. I'm especially looking forward to Beyond the Orchard.

    1. It was a lovely surprise to find these three books. I know we were both looking forward to another book from Anna Romer and anything from Kaye Dobbie is a must read for me, but I didn't expect to find another from Mary-Anne O'Connor.

    2. If you have an account with NetGalley, Worth Fighting For just became available as a "read now" title. I was happy to see that since it will give me the chance to read and review it!

    3. Thanks so much for this info. I'm off to grab it now.