Book Review: Yvonne Goes to York by M.C. Beaton

How do you decide which books to add to your TBR pile? Is it the name of the author, the subject, the title or the cover?

I added this Regency romance to my pile not because of the author, though I have read and enjoyed other Regency romances by M.C. Beaton/Marion Chesney; nor was it the cover that swayed me; nor  the title – well, not all of it anyway. I’ll let you work it out.

Perhaps if your name is Emily (Goes to Exeter), Belinda (Goes to Bath),  Beatrice (Goes to Brighton), Deborah (Goes to Dover), or Penelope (Goes to Portsmouth) you may be tempted to pick up one of the other romances in The Travelling Matchmaker series.

The six books in the series were re-released a few years ago with new cover art, which reflects the whimsical nature of these stories.

From the back cover:

No coach journey is ever dull with Miss Hannah Pym on board, and this one proves to be no exception. Miss Pym meets the young and beautiful Miss Yvonne Grenier, who is fleeing the Terror in France.

Yvonne becomes frightened when a dangerous enemy also boards the stage to York, but luckily Miss Pym is on hand to propose a plan which will save Yvonne – and throw her into the arms of the wealthy and unattached Marquis of Ware!

This is an entertaining Regency romance with a delightful cast of characters: a dashing hero, a loyal servant, French spies, a damsel or two in distress, match-making mothers and a host of others.

Even though the outcome is predictable, the narrative rattles on at such a fast pace that it doesn’t matter. This is a light-hearted, quick read perfect for those times when a more serious novel  holds no appeal.

2014 Australian Women Writers Challenge

I regret that I have only recently found this challenge, but what a wonderful way to promote Australian women writers.

The challenge runs from January 1st to December 31st, 2014, so there is still plenty of time to read and review books.

There are four levels of participation and, as I've come to the challenge with only four months to go,  my goal is  STELLA: read 4 – review at least 3. With so many great authors to choose from, the hardest part of the challenge will be deciding which four.

I should also mention that you don't have to read and review, you can read only. More information about the challenge and how to sign up can be found here.