Clouds of Love and War by Rachel Billington
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Publication Date: 12th July, 2020
Unicorn Publishing
Paperback & eBook; 356 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction, World War II


Occasionally panoramic, more often intimate, in Clouds of Love and War author Rachel Billington balances a detailed and highly researched picture of the life of a Second World War Spitfire pilot with the travails and ambitions of a young woman too often on her own. The result is both a gripping story of war and a sensitive story of love, a love that struggles to survive.

Eddie and Eva meet on the eve of


Here we are in July, which means it's time to participate in this fun meme hosted by Jo @ The Book Jotter.

SIX IN SIX is a meme where the aim is to share in July six books in six categories from the books we have read etc. in the first six months of the year, either using Jo's categories or your own.

Once again I've more or less stuck to the categories I used last year.

What Did You Do in the War Sister? by Dennis J. Turner
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Publication Date: February 27, 2020
Paperback, eBook & Audiobook
Genre: Historical Fiction/Biographical


"A powerful story of seldom-sung heroines in humanity's darkest days and a vivid reminder of the power of conscience." -- Edgardo David Holzman, author of Malena

Throughout the occupied territories, Catholic Sisters were active members of The Nazi Resistance.

Based on letters and documents written by Catholic Sisters during WWII, this book tells the remarkable story of these brave and

Storms Gather Between Us by Clare Flynn
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Publication Date: June 17, 2019
Publisher: Canelo Saga
Format: Paperback & eBook; 384 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance


Life can change in a single moment...

Living under the watchful eye of her controlling and abusive father, Hannah Dawson’s hopes for freedom and happiness seem a distant dream. Her mother, passive and ashamed of her self-preservation, refuses to challenge her husband. It is the mysterious circumstances of her long-lost Aunt Lizzie’s disappearance in the 1920s that inspires Hannah to seek a better life.

Pestilence by Pamela Taylor
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Print Length: 234 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ASIN: B08563V87C
ISBN-10: 1684334810
ISBN-13: 9781684334810


At the dawn of the Renaissance, Alfred - the eponymous second son - must discover the special destiny foreseen for him by his grandfather. Now, the unthinkable has happened: Alfred’s brother is king. And it isn’t long before everyone’s worst fears are realized. Traditional allegiances are shattered under a style of rule unknown since the grand bargain that formed the kingdom was