The Abolitionist's Daughter by Diane C. McPhail
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Publication Date: April 30, 2019
A John Scognamiglio Book/Kensington
Genre: Historical Fiction


In her sweeping debut, Diane C. McPhail offers a powerful, profoundly emotional novel that explores a little-known aspect of Civil War history—Southern Abolitionists—and the timeless struggle to do right even amidst bitter conflict.

On a Mississippi morning in 1859, Emily Matthews begs her father to save a slave, Nathan, about to be auctioned away from his family. Judge Matthews is an abolitionist who runs an illegal school for his slaves, hoping to

The Baroness of New York by Anya Silverthorne
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Today I'm the next stop on the tour for Anya Silverthorne's debut novel The Baroness of New York. She has kindly provided a guest post in which she explains why one of the minor characters in the novel was created. I always enjoy this type of revelation and hope you enjoy reading about the "birth" of Sophie as much as I did.

The Baroness of New York by Anya Silverthorne
Publication Date: May 1, 2020
Platen Press
Genre: Historical Romance/Victorian


Baroness Adele von Mueller learns the sweetest love is forbidden....

Face of Fortune by Colleen Kelly-Eiding
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Today I'm one of the last stops on the blog tour for Face of Fortune, the second book in The Shadows of Rosthwaite series.

Publication Date: February 1, 2020
Phase Publishing
Paperback & eBook; 405 Pages
Series: The Shadows of Rosthwaite, Book Two
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance


Charlotte Pruitt, an auburn-haired beauty whose soul is as wild as the northern mountains she loves, lives day to day, hoping against hope that James Clarke still lives. The love of her life and father of their son had

From The Road to The Keys of the Kingdom

The first Saturday of the month is time to play Six Degrees of Separation. This meme is hosted by Kate of Books Are My Favourite and Best. The aim is to link six books to each other from the starting point.

This month we're starting with Cormac McCarthy's The Road. It is a book I haven't read as I'm not a great fan of post apocalyptic novels. I'm quite happy to read about death and destruction in historical wars, but an apocalyptic war and its aftermath is not for me.

However, back in high school, I did pick up a post apocalyptic novel. This was On the Beach by Neville Shute, which was set in