Book Review: Foxing the Geese by Janet Woods

She is a spinster with a secret fortune . . . He is an impoverished earl who must marry money or face ruin . . . Theirs is a love match to be reckoned with.

1812. Clever, strong-willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly endowed with riches beyond her wildest dreams when a remote cousin dies, leaving her his fortune. Unwed at twenty-four, Vivienne still hopes the right man is out there, but she despairs of ever finding him, and she is determined that rumours of her new-found wealth be quashed, lest she be courted for her purse rather than her heart.

Renowned rake Lord Alex LeSayres comes to an unpleasant decision after the death of his father. If he is to save their family lands, he must marry a wealthy woman and quickly. Introduced to Miss Fox, his interest is soon piqued. But he must set aside his rising feelings, or else his family will face disaster . . .


I've read a number of Janet Woods' historical romance novels and enjoyed everyone of them. Her latest offering, Foxing the Geese, is no exception. Though the outcome of the story is predictable, as Regency romances usually are, getting to it was very entertaining due mainly to the ease with which Janet Woods writes, her deft handling of the many sub-plots and the diverse characters she introduces along the way.

No regency romance would be complete without a benevolent uncle, a meddlesome aunt, a frivolous cousin, loyal servants, unwanted suitors and, of course, a villain. Stereotypical though these characters may be they enlivened the story no end and I loved them all, even the villain who got his comeuppance in an unexpected way.  A believable heroine and hero, well aware of their positions in the matrimonial stakes, with or without fortunes, complete the cast and their no-nonsense approach to their quests engaged me from the start.

Humour and witty dialogue also add to this book's appeal, giving it that light-heartedness I look for in a Regency romance. Like minded fans of this genre will love it.

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