America's Promise by Celeste De Blasis
Book Review

Publication Date: July 8, 2021
Publisher: Bookouture
Series: America's Daughter Trilogy, Book 3
Format: ebook & paperback
Genre: Historical Fiction

A gripping, heart-wrenching story of love and betrayal across the boundary of the American Revolutionary War. The next captivating story for readers who loved My Dear Hamilton, Flight of the Sparrow and Outlander.


1780. Addie looks around at the soldiers celebrating their latest victory. American independence is within reach, but her heart feels heavy with grief. With her husband gone, she must leave the army camp, and the people she has come to love, and choose a respectable path to guard the secret she now carries alone.

Seeking shelter with her aunts in Virginia, Addie tries to mold herself back into the proper and dutiful woman she was before the war, and before the love of a fierce, dark-eyed warrior, changed her forever. But when a band of rogue British soldiers arrives on the farm, will the strength she has gained from travelling with the Revolutionary army be enough to save her loved ones?

Fighting turmoil in Virginia, Addie faces an even worse trial when terrible news arrives from the front: should she stay silent and keep her family safe, or divulge her secret and save an innocent man’s life?

The heartbreaking conclusion to the epic, emotional trilogy.

My Thoughts

America's Promise concludes a previously unpublished trilogy from the late author Celeste De Blasis set during the American Revolutionary War. In this instalment, the focus is on the latter years of the war, from 1780 to its end in 1783.

To safeguard her secret and protect the reputation of her family, Addie Bradwell decides to leave the camp of the Continental Army and seek refuge with her aunts at the Castleton plantation in Virginia. She leaves behind her twin brother Ad, who has served as one of Washington's aides since the start of the war, and his fiancée, Matilda. Justin, another surviving brother, and their cousins are still serving with Henry Lee's cavalry troop.

News of the war is brought to the plantation through correspondence and the all too brief visits from family and friends. Addie still fears for the safety of her step-brother Darius, serving in the British Army, and for the Scotsman, John Traverne, and his Highlanders.

When Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown in October 1781, Addie is in the crowd to witness the proceedings and watch the British march out. And to say a silent farewell to a man she believes she will never see again.

As the war winds down, Addie and her brothers look to a future in peacetime. They are greatly surprised and touched by Darius' generosity and sense of fair treatment that will help them rebuild their lives.

There is not much I can say about this novel that I haven't said about the previous two in the series (America's Daughter and America's Wife). It is such an emotional story due to the way Celeste De Blasis writes her characters. You cannot help but be drawn into their lives, to share the sadness and heartache of loss, and the joys of family life, which continues no matter what.

I now know much more about the American Revolutionary War than I did before and have a greater understanding of the actions and natures of the historical characters portrayed. From how George Washington was depicted, it was easy to see how highly he was esteemed by those who served under him. This makes the final page of the book very poignant and a great place to end the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and have no trouble in recommending it to other readers. For those interested in the American Revolutionary War or those who love novels with strong female characters, this trilogy will prove satisfying on both counts.
America's Daughter
America's Wife
America's Promise
Meet the Author

Millions of readers have fallen under the spell of the lush, enthralling and bestselling novels by Celeste De Blasis. Tales of adventure and romance set against the sweep of history—all are storytelling at its finest.

After graduating from Pomona College, Celeste devoted her life to impeccable research and spellbinding writing. A native Californian, Celeste grew up on the historic Kemper Campbell Ranch in the Mojave Desert, where she lived until her death in 2001.

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