Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017 - My Sign Up Post

Hosted by: Australian Women Writers.
Challenge period: 1st January to 31st December, 2017.
Sign Up: Throughout the year until 30th November, 2017.

Aim: To help overcome gender bias in the reviewing of books by Australian women.

All the information about the challenge and how to join can be found here.

This year the challenge has changed slightly by encouraging participants to also read and review one or two classic novels as well as contemporary ones.

Again there are four levels:

Stella: read 4 – if reviewing, review at least 3
Miles: read 6 – if reviewing, review at least 4
Franklin: read 10 – if reviewing, review at least 6
Create your own challenge: nominate your own goal

Last year I opted for Miles and easily read six books, but didn't manage as many reviews as I would've liked. This year I'm being a little more daring choosing Franklin. 

Here are the ten books I hope to read and review (in no particular order) for this challenge. I've selected a mixture of old and new releases and some yet to be released in 2017.

01. My Father's Moon by Elizabeth Jolley (not read)
02. And Then Mine Enemy by Alison Stuart (not read)
03. The Currency Lass by Tea Cooper
04. Daughter of Mine by Fiona Lowe
05. My Love Must Wait by Ernestine Hill (not read)
06. Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall
07. Mayfield by Joy Chambers (not read)
08. Ambulance Girls by Deborah Burrows
09. Whispers in the Wind by Janet Woods
10. Tiger Men by Judy Nunn (not read)

11. Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar 
12. Perseverance by L.F. McDermott
13. The Unmourned by Meg Kenneally, Tom Keneally
14. Poppy's Dilemma by Karly Lane
15. If Wishes Were Horses by Karly Lane
16. Troubadour by Isolde Martyn
17. The Woolgrower's Companion by Joy Rhoades
18. May's Rose by Kaye Dobbie
19. The Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey
20. Daughter of the Murray by Darry Fraser
21. The Country Wedding by Barbara Hannay
22. Willow Tree Bend by Kaye Dobbie
23. Home Before Sundown by Barbara Hannay
24. We That Are Left by Lisa Bigelow
25. A Time of Secrets by Deborah Burrows
26. A Stranger in My Street by Deborah Burrows
27. Lighthouse Bay by Kimberly Freeman


  1. Great that you're joining us again, Yvonne - and glad to see you're including some classic reads.