2016 Reading Challenges - Wrap Up

Here is my wrap-up post for the various challenges I participated in during 2016. A mixed result, with some successes and some failures - well, mostly failures. Reading has not been the problem. Writing reviews is where I came unstuck, but I plan to be better organised in 2017, that is, write my reviews as soon as I finish a book. That's my New Year's resolution for 2017 and my only one because I usually fail at keeping those too! Anyway, onto the challenges.


2016 was my second year participating in this challenge. I opted for the Wallaby level, which meant I had to only read and review three books. While I read the three books I'd nominated and more, reviews did not get posted.

A quick check of the books I've read this year showed that twenty-five were by Australian authors, a mixture of male and female. This total is ten up on last year, a great result.

I'm signing up for this challenge again in 2017 and hope to do better.


2016 was my third year participating in this challenge. The level of participation I opted for was Miles: read six – if reviewing, review at least four. I managed to read more than six novels, a mixture of old and new publications, but only reviewed one. Technically this challenge was successfully completed. I have reviews to be posted, but these have missed the challenge completion deadline so won't count.

Looking through my list of books for 2016, I've read a total of 19 books by Australian women authors.


I didn't do well in this challenge at all. None of the books I'd nominated were read, but I did read three 20th century classics, two Georgette Heyer novels (The Nonesuch and The Unknown Ajax) and one by Catherine Gaskin (Blake's Reach).

I'm determined to successfully finish this challenge one year. Hopefully 2017 will be that year! So yes, you've guessed, I'm signing up again.


I easily read the twelve books needed to complete this challenge, but only reviewed half of them. So another failure, but I'm not discouraged. I'm signing up again in 2017.


Yay! A successfully completed challenge. Not much to say about this one other than I'm signing up again for 2017 and increasing my target slightly from 110 to 120 books.


My goal again for 2016 was 50+ books, which I read comfortably, but didn't review as many as I would've liked. I'm determined to successfully complete this challenge so I'm signing up again in 2017.


As always this challenge was a bit of fun. I ticked off 17 out of 41 books. Not a bad result. I'm participating in this challenge again in 2017. Let's see how I do this year.


I successfully completed the Reading Yorkshire 2016 Challenge  by reading and reviewing one book!

I failed the Reading England 2016 Challenge. Even though I opted for the lowest level (1-3 counties), I didn't read any for this part of the challenge.

I'd like to sign up again for this challenge in 2017, but as yet haven't seen any posts about it. Hopefully it will be offered again this year.

Well, that's it, my wrap up for 2016. Not a very successful year for challenges, but another great reading year filled with lots of interesting and exciting books.

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