Book Review: Keane's Company by Iain Gale

This novel is the first in a new series featuring Captain James Keane, Exploring Officer. It is set in Spain and Portugal during the Peninsular Wars.

Expecting to be cashiered for disobeying Wellington’s orders and fighting a duel in which a fellow officer is killed, Lieutenant Keane finds himself raised to the rank of Captain and commanded to put together a band of men with the necessary skills for intelligence gathering. Keane recruits his men from amongst the regiments and from military gaols, and endeavours to form this disparate group into an elite company.

Keane is a liar, womanizer and card cheat, but a good soldier, and lucky. Under his leadership his company is able to infiltrate Spanish and Portuguese guerrilla groups, play an important role in the battle for Oporto and recover French silver with ease.

Not only does Keane have to defend himself against the enemy, but also the enmity of Captain John Blackwood, the best friend of the officer he killed and  brother of Kitty Blackwood, the woman he has set his heart on.

Good descriptions of the battle scenes and enough action to keep the reader’s interest even if Keane’s ability to win the day is too good to be true. Captain Keane’s adventures continue in KEANE’S CHALLENGE.

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