Book Review: The Dashing Captain Daniel Rawson

Captain Daniel Rawson is the main character in a series of novels by Edward Marston set during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701 to 1714). 

The Battle of Blenheim and the Duke of Marlborough’s residence, Blenheim Palace, I knew of, but I was unfamiliar with other events in this war in Europe, during the reign of Queen Anne.

I have just finished reading the first three of the five available: “SOLDIER OF FORTUNE”, “DRUMS OF WAR” and “FIRE AND SWORD”. These three novels cover the  war years to 1708 and the Battle of Oudenarde.

Edward Marston, while telling a good tale, provides background and reasons for this war through the opinions of his characters. The battle scenes are descriptive and the story moves forward at all times and is never bogged down in the detail.

Captain Daniel Rawson is all that a hero should be – clever, loyal, courageous, handsome and a favourite of the ladies. His exploits as an intelligence gatherer behind enemy lines are daring and his plans ingenious. 

Humour is provided by the dour Sergeant Henry Wellbeck and the unusual relationship he shares with the Captain.  Wellbeck seems to hate everyone and everything, especially army life. His gruff exterior, however, does not hide the camaraderie and respect he has for Daniel Rawson.

I’m looking forward to more of the Captain’s adventures in the next two novels in the series “UNDER SIEGE” and “A VERY MURDERING BATTLE”.

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