Welcome to A DARN GOOD READ, the internet home of a historical fiction addict. My name is Yvonne and I live in a tiny rural town in the Eastern Grampians region of Victoria, Australia.

Encouraged to read from a very early age, I am lost without a pile of books on-hand. I read historical fiction and its sub-genres spanning the times of William the Conqueror and World War II; occasionally, I stray out of my timeline.

My reading habits have changed over the past few years. World War II and the Napoleonic Wars will always remain my favourite eras in history, but I am now developing a keen interest in books set during the English Civil War and the Restoration, and the years immediately after World War I.

Historical mysteries are my comfort reads. As I like to binge read these, the more books in the series the better. Currently I'm bingeing my way through Chris Nickson's late Victorian Detective Inspector Tom Harper series and Sulari Gentil's wonderful 1930s Rowland Sinclair mysteries. Regency romances are also comfort reads, especially those written in the vein of Georgette Heyer, Alice Chetwynd Ley etc.

I am also a fan of those epic family sagas that were so popular around the 1970/80s (or earlier) by such authors as R.F. Delderfield, Karleen Koen, John Jakes - and my most recent discovery, Celeste De Blasis.

Chunksters do not daunt me, but I have yet to tackle Tolstoy's War and Peace and my reading of Dickens' Barnaby Rudge has stalled.

While I'm always excited by new releases from favourite or debut authors, books from my library stacks also bring great pleasure tinged with a little sadness that these books are no longer on the shelves for browsing. But I'm happy that they are still in circulation and available for me to borrow.

Print books are my preferred method of getting my reading fix; I love to look at, handle, smell and sort them. The sight of my TBR pile brings joy to my heart though it can also be overwhelming at times.  Gradually I am amassing a library of ebooks.

This blog was started to keep track of and record my thoughts on the books I read, which I am pleased to share with you. From time to time I'll dip back into some old favourites.

Unfortunately time does not permit me to write a full review of every book I read, but I try to review as many as possible. I always leave a rating on Goodreads.

Also, being a "book hunter", I like nothing more than losing myself in the thrill of chasing down "a darn good read" whether it be from a new author or a forgotten one. The internet is full of wonderful surprises. As a result, my reading wish list is continually growing, as is my TBR pile. I'm very happy to keep my favourite bookshops and local library busy. And when needs must, Ebay.

I am also happy to receive books to review from authors, publicists or publishers (see my REVIEW POLICY).

My credentials? I don't have a university degree or anything like that. I just love to read, so I hope my comments, good or bad, will inspire you to grab a book, a cup of your favourite brew and get reading!

Last updated: May 05,2021

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