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Challenge period: December 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020
Aim: To read a minimum of four books, from or set during the Georgian era, fiction or non-fiction (no review required).

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Looking back over my reading trends, I realised that a large part of my reading material falls

into this era. Books on my shelves set during the Napoleonic Wars alone would easily satisfy this challenge, but I have a number of other books from which to choose my four.

I'm hoping, however, to read all of the following this year. Coronach will be especially challenging as it is a chunkster (a weighty paperback of over 900 pages).

01. The Lime Walk by J.A. Noble
02. Coronach by Kimberley Jordan Reeman
03. Favoured by Fortune (The Shadows of Rosthwaite #1) by Colleen Kelly-Eiding
04. The Ballad of John MacLea by A.J.Mackenzie
05. Blood & Sugar by Laura Shepherd-Robinson
06. The Adventures of Tom Finch, Gentleman by Lucy May Lennox
07. Midnight Marriage by Lucinda Brant
08. The Raven's Seal by Andrei Baltakmens
09. The Power to Deny: A Woman of the Revolution by Wendy Long Stanley
10. Son of a Jacobite by T.J. Lovat

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