BOOK REVIEW: Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by Alice Isakova

Alice Isakova's debut novel is a very entertaining sequel featuring Georgiana Darcy and her cousin Anne de Bourgh, two minor characters from Pride and Prejudice.


With her temptingly large dowry, the beautiful and talented Georgiana Darcy catches the eye of numerous suitors, not all of whom wish to marry purely for love. As Georgiana navigates the treacherous waters of courtship, her story becomes intertwined with that of Anne de Bourgh, her wealthy but painfully awkward cousin, who stirs up trouble

when she sets her sights on a young gentleman with a rank far below her own. In so doing, Anne encounters the opposition of her proud and domineering mother, the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and sets in motion a chain of events that brings a damaging secret to light and threatens to destroy Georgiana's dreams of happiness. Intrigues, gossip, and elopements further complicate Georgiana's efforts to find love and avoid the snares of fortune-hunters.

My Thoughts

It's not often I read fan fiction as I have often been disappointed in the result but I enjoyed this sequel to Jane Austen's novel by Alice Isakova. Isakova writes in the style of Jane Austen and successfully captures the essence of Austen's beloved characters.

It was a delight to see Anne de Bourgh shake off the dominance of her mother and emerge from her shyness to follow her heart. As was following Georgiana, still vulnerable from her history with Wickham as she searches for a partner that will bring her the happiness that she sees in her brother's relationship with Elizabeth.

Remembering the scene from Pride and Prejudice where Lady Catherine de Bourgh confronts Elizabeth over her relationship with Darcy, I would have loved to witness Lady Catherine de Bourgh's reaction to Anne's actions instead of being told about it, but as this was primarily Georgiana's story it made sense to relegate this to the background.

As with all Regency romances the path to true love is never smooth and the young ladies must find inner strength to overcome disappointments and follow their hearts. While surprisingly Anne is prepared for the wrath of her mother over her choice of partner, Georgiana is not so headstrong as to marry without the approval of her brother, adding another complication to her love life. When Georgiana believes she has finally found "the one", another suitor, more worthy but lacking that all important fortune, continues to admire from afar. Of course, there is a twist to the tale and all is resolved satisfactorily in the end despite broken hearts, misunderstandings, scheming rivals and the threat of a scandal.

This novel will certainly appeal to fans of Jane Austen who wish to further their association with her wonderful characters. Georgiana Darcy is an excellent introduction to a new Regency romance writer and I'll happily read more from this author.

Thank you to Alice Isakova for a complimentary copy of her book.

About the Author

Born in Eastern Europe, Alice Isakova spent the latter part of her childhood in the United States before finally settling in Australia. There she obtained a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide and won multiple university prizes for outstanding academic achievement.

Alice now lives with her family in rural Tasmania. She spends her free time either writing or pursuing her passion for fitness, especially the disciplines of rhythmic gymnastics, yoga, and ballet. Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is Alice Isakova's first book.

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