Stacking the Shelves #8

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga of Tynga's Reviews and, as of May 2017, co-hosted by Marlene of Reading Reality. This meme is about sharing the books you are adding to your physical or virtual shelves. This means you can include books you buy in a physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and, of
course, ebooks! You can learn more about this meme by visiting the official launch page.

With minimal storage available for books, most of my reading material comes from the library or the purchase/free downloads of ebooks and sometimes through NetGalley. Occasionally I purchase a print book for my very small bookshelf (actually it's a cramped area under the stairs), but I tend to reserve space here for "keepers".

Here are the books that came into my house last week:

From the Library

The Hilary Mantel novel is a little daunting (872 pages) now that I actually have it in my hands, but I'm up for a challenge. Beginning in Paris in 1789, it is the story of three men: Danton, Robespierre and Desmoulins, and their part in the French Revolution.

An Uncommon Woman is Nicole Alexander's latest release set in 1929, Queensland, Australia, and Their Finest, from Lissa Evans, is a comedic novel set in England at the beginning of World War II involving propaganda films.


From Amazon at A$0.99 and A$2.00 respectively, I couldn't resist a bargain, so added these two e-books to my collection:

Traitor's Knot is Cryssa Bazos' debut novel set during the English Civil War and In Farleigh Field is a World War II mystery/romance, which I've already read.


  1. Enjoy your new books. I want to read A Place of Greater Safety too but have been put off by the length. I'll get to it eventually!

    1. I'm hoping it will be so good that the length will not be a problem!

  2. Lovely post :)

    I gave your blog a follow!

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    - El

    1. Thank you, El. I've visited your blog and I'm now following you.