It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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A reasonable week on the reading front with three books finished, two of which I hadn't planned to read. The Anatomy of Ghosts  by Andrew Taylor and The Keeper of Secrets by Judith Cutler were part of my library haul and proved irresistible - The Anatomy of Ghosts because Andrew Taylor is one of my favourite authors, but I didn't think this was one of his better books, and The Keeper of Secrets appealed to me as I'm always on the look out for a new series to follow. While I enjoyed this book I'm not sure I liked it enough to continue with the series.

From This Valley, the third of my books, was an unusual story of a young man coming to terms with his past and looking for a better future. His search takes him into Canada where he meets various people, among them Mounties, trappers and several Native Indian tribes, as well as Métis Voyageurs. Canada's history is something I know very little about, so found this novel very informative as well as a good story.

This week I'm carrying over from last week Daughter of Mine and have started  For Two Cents I'll Go With You.

Up next is Map of Stars, but Tuesday is library day, so that may change depending on what books come in for me.

What I Read Last Week

From This Valley by Murray Harvey

The year is 1876, and Trooper Ryan Price Meade is a deserter from the US Army 7th Cavalry Regiment who strikes north, fleeing the Montana Territory just as Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer closes in on Little Bighorn. A deeply troubled young man, Meade finds himself in Canada’s Northwest Territory, only to be confronted with all he has lost and come face to face with a ghost from the past—one that will alter the course of the rest of his life.

The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor

1786, Jerusalem College, Cambridge. The ghost of murdered Sylvia Whichcote has been sighted prowling the grounds by Frank Oldershaw, a disturbed fellow commoner. When his anxious mother employs John Holdsworth, author of The Anatomy of Ghosts- a stinging account of why ghosts are mere delusion - to investigate the sighting, the uneasy status quo at Jerusalem is rapidly torn apart. Holdsworth grows to realise that the sinister Holy Ghost Club governs the privileged life at Jerusalem with a rigour far more effective than anything the Master, Dr. Carbury, could muster. And when Holdsworth finds himself haunted - not only by the ghost of his dead wife, Maria, but also Elinor, the very-much-alive Master's wife - his fate is sealed. He must unravel the circumstances surrounding Sylvia's death ... or the hauntings will continue.

The Keeper of Secrets by Judith Cutler

Spring 1810. Young Parson Tobias Campion is excited to be taking over the small Warwickshire parish of Moreton Priory. But his first night in the village brings excitement of the wrong kind when Tobias intervenes in an attempted rape and becomes hero to housemaid Lizzie Woodman. As Tobias settles into life in Morton Priory he finds friendship in the form of Dr. Edmund Hansard and his concern for Lizzie quickly blossoms into something more. But as Jem, Tobias's groom, and local farm boy Matthew compete for Lizzie's attention Tobias resigns himself to the fact that his feeling for the girl will remain unrequited. Soon, however, his mind turns to other matters when the unsettling death of poverty stricken poacher Mr Jenkins, the suspicious demise of local aristocrat Lord Elham and a mysterious attack on Tobias himself make one thing clear; a malign influence is at work in the supposedly sleepy hamlet!

What I'm Reading Today

Daughter of Mine by Fiona Lowe

The three Chirnwell sisters are descended from the privileged squattocracy in Victoria’s Western District — but could a long-held secret threaten their family?
Harriett Chirnwell has a perfect life — a husband who loves her, a successful career and a daughter who is destined to become a doctor just like her.
Xara has always lived in Harriet’s shadow; her chaotic life with her family on their sheep farm falls far short of her older sister’s standards of perfection and prestige.
Georgie, the youngest sister and a passionate teacher, is the only one of the three to have left Billawarre. But is her life in Melbourne happy?
Despite all three sisters having a different and sometimes strained bond with their mother, Edwina, they come together to organise a party for her milestone birthday — the first since their father’s death. But when Edwina arrives at her party on the arm of another man, the tumult is like a dam finally breaking. Suddenly the lives of the Chirnwell sisters are flooded by scandal. Criminal accusations, a daughter in crisis, and a secret over fifty years in the making start to crack the perfect fa├žade of the prominent pastoral family.

For Two Cents I'll Go With You by Marcia Maxwell

In the spring of 1917, Walter "Pat" Lusk sits at his desk shuffling papers and dreaming of glory on the battlefield. Frustrated, he's convinced the Great War will remain forever out of reach until one day his friend Aubrey arrives with the thrilling news that the United States has finally declared war on Germany! With his path to adventure now clear, Pat immediately enlists in the Army, where he trains as a surgeon's assistant. Sent to France with Evacuation Hospital No. 4, will Pat finally attain the glory he seeks treating desperately wounded soldiers through the war's darkest days? Will he ever win over the redoubtable Nurse Oberholtzer? Will the Armistice bring peace to the boys of Evac 4, or does a time of even greater testing await Pat and his friends?

What I Hope To Read Next

Map of Stars by Catherine Law

Kent, 1939. Eliza is to be married to Nicholas, her companion since she was a child. But when the pair are involved in a car crash, Eliza is rescued by a stranger, Lewis Harper, whose stunning green eyes she will never forget.

As the war begins, Eliza's world begins to fall apart: her beloved brother Martyn is killed in action, and her once-beloved husband grows increasingly distant. And then, when her efforts to help the Dunkirk evacuees take her to the south coast, she spots a familiar pair of eyes.


  1. Great reading list - there's something very appealing about each of those books, and I may have to take a look for a couple of them myself. Happy Reading!

    1. I hope you do get to read some of them.