Here is a list of series. Some I have read recently and others years ago; others still to be read. I will be updating this list from time to time. The titles asterisked (*) are the ones I have read.

Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet by Edith Pargeter

Set in the 13th century this series is the story of the four princes of Gwynedd: Llewelyn, Owen Goch, Rhodri and David, who fight each other and the English for the unity and independence of Wales.

Originally published in England as four individual novels:

Sunrise in the West (#1)*
The Dragon at Noonday (#2)*
The Hounds of Sunset (#3)*
Afterglow and Nightfall (#4)*

all four books are now available as one volume entitled: The Brothers of Gwynedd.

Captain Daniel Rawson Series by Edward Marston

This series of novels is set during the War of the Spanish Succession, 1701 to 1714, and features Captain Daniel Rawson, soldier, spy, linguist and ladies' man.

 Soldier of Fortune (#1)*
Drums of War (#2)*
Fire and Sword (#3)*
Under Siege (#4)*
A Very Murdering Battle (#5)*

Civil War Chronicles by Michael Arnold

This is a series of historical thrillers set during the English Civil War featuring a battle-scarred Royalist Captain called Stryker.

Traitor's Blood (#1)*
Devil's Charge (#2)
Hunter's Rage (#3)

Assassin's Reign (#4)
Warlord's Gold (#5)
Marston Moor (#6)

Cousins' War Series by Philippa Gregory

A series about the Wars of the Roses featuring the women of the Houses of Lancaster and York.

The White Queen (Elizabeth Woodville)*
The Red Queen (Margaret Beaufort)*
The Lady of the Rivers (Jacquetta)*
The Kingmaker's Daughter (Anne Neville)*
The White Princess (Elizabeth of York)*
The King's Curse (Margaret Pole)

Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane Trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman

This series begins in the 12th century during the early civil war between Stephen and his cousin, Maud, for the crown of England. It follows the glorious days of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane, when they were a formidable couple, to the final disintegration of their marriage and family.

When Christ and His Saints Slept (#1)*
Time and Chance (#2)*
Devil's Brood (#3)

Jack Absolute Trilogy by C.C.Humphreys

Jack Absolute is described as " the 007 of the 1770s". This series is set during the reign of George III, when England was involved in the American War of Independence and fighting the French in Canada.

Jack Absolute*
The Blooding of Jack Absolute*
Absolute Honour*

This series is a little unusual as the latter two novels are the prequel and sequel to the prequel respectively. Confusing, I know, but you can choose to read them in chronological order or in the order in which they were written. I read them in this order: The Blooding of Jack Absolute, Absolute Honour and Jack Absolute.

Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes 

This series follows the fortunes of the Kent family in America, from before the American Revolution when Phillipe Charboneau, the illegitimate son and unrecognized heir of the Duke of Kentland, changes his name to Philip Kent and arrives in the colony, until the late 19th century.

The Bastard (#1)*
The Rebels (#2)*
The Seekers (#3)*
The Furies (#4)*
The Titans (#5)*
The Warriors (#6)*
The Lawless (#7)*
The Americans(#8)*

Lady Darby Mysteries by Anna Lee Huber

This historical mystery series is set during the late Georgian/pre-Victorian era and features Lady Darby, a widow with a scandalous past, and her fellow investigator, Sebastian Gage.

The Anatomist's Wife (#1)*
Mortal Arts (#2)*
A Grave Matter (#3)
AStudy in Death (#4)
A Pressing Engagement (#4.5)
As Death Draws Near (#5)

Mary Finch Trilogy by Rose Melikan

This is a historical mystery series set in the late 18th century. England is at war with France. Mary Finch, school teacher, finds herself with an unexpected fortune and becomes involved in espionage and with an ordinance officer.

The Blackstone Key (#1)*
The Counterfeit Guest (#2)*
The Mistaken Wife (#3)*

Napoleonic War Series by Adrian Goldsworthy

Opening in the year 1808, this series follows the adventures of a group of young officers of the 106th Regiment of Foot during the Peninsula Wars.

True Soldier Gentlemen (#1)*
Beat the Drums Slowly (#2)*
Send Me Safely Back Again (#3)*
All in Scarlet Uniform (#4)*
Run Them Ashore (#5)*
Whose Business is to Die?(#6)*

North and South Trilogy by John Jakes

A series about the American Civil War. Two young men, George Hazard from Pennsylvania and Orry Main from South Carolina, meet in their first year at West Point Military Academy and so begins a friendship that lasts from the pre-war years through the conflict to the post war years.

North and South (#1)*
Love and War (#2)*
Heaven and Hell (#3)*

Plantagenet Saga by Jean Plaidy

The House of Plantagenet held the English crown from 1154 to 1485. This saga commences with the accession of Henry II and culminates with the death of Richard III, the last Plantagenet king.

The Plantagenet Prelude (#1)*
The Revolt of the Eaglets (#2)*
The Heart of the Lion (#3)*
The Prince of Darkness (#4)*
The Battle of the Queens (#5)*
The Queen from Provence (#6)*
Edward Longshanks also released as Hammer of the Scots (#7)*
The Follies of the King (#8)*
The Vow on the Heron (#9)*
Passage to Pontefract (#10)*
The Star of Lancaster (#11)*
Epitaph for Three Women (#12)*
Red Rose of Anjou (#13)*
The Sun in Splendour (#14)*

Poland Trilogy by James Conroyd Martin

The story of  Lady Anna Maria Berezowska, a Polish Countess, who lived during one of the most tumultuous times in Poland's history. This series encompasses the Polish Rebellion of 1794, The Third Partition of Poland in 1795 when Poland as a country ceased to exist, the Napoleonic Wars and the November Rising of 1831 when the Poles rebelled against their Russian overlords.

Push Not the River (#1)
Against a Crimson Sky (#2)
The Warsaw Conspiracy (#3)

Richard I Duology by Sharon Kay Penman

The story of Richard I, the third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane.

Lionheart (#1)*
A King's Ransom (#2)

Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries by C.S. Harris

A series of historical mysteries set during the Regency period featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, ex-Intelligence Officer.

What Angels Fear (#1)*
When Gods Die (#2)*
Why Mermaids Sing (#3)
Where Serpents Sleep (#4)
What Remains of Heaven (#5)
Where Shadows Dance (#6)
When Maidens Mourn (#7)
What Darkness Brings (#8)
Why Kings Confess (#9)
Who Buries the Dead (#10)
When Falcons Fall(#11)

Sharpe Series by Bernard Cornwell 

The series features Richard Sharpe of the 95th Rifles and it follows his rise through the ranks during the Napoleonic Wars, though some of the novels recount his adventures in India. Sharpe's Eagle was the first Sharpe novel written. Sharpe's Tiger is the prequel to the series.

Sharpe's Tiger (#1)*
Sharpe's Triumph (#2)*
Sharpe's Fortress (#3)*
Sharpe's Trafalgar (#4)*
Sharpe's Prey (#5)*
Sharpe's Rifles (#6*
Sharpe's Havoc (#7)*
Sharpe's Eagle (#8)*
Sharpe's Gold (#9)*
Sharpe's Escape (#10)*
Sharpe's Fury (#11)*
Sharpe's Battle (#12)*
Sharpe's Company (#13)*
Sharpe's Sword (#14)*
Sharpe's Enemy (#15)*
Sharpe's Honour (#16)*
Sharpe's Regiment (#17)8
Sharpe's Siege (#18)*
Sharpe's Revenge (#19)*
Sharpe's Waterloo (#20)*
Sharpe's Devil (#21)*

Short Stories:

Sharpe's Christmas
Sharpe's Skirmish
Sharpe's Story

The Australians by Vivian Stuart/William Stuart Long

The story of Jenny Taggart, who was transported to Australia as a convict, and her descendents. The series begins in the year 1781 and finishes in 1914.

The Exiles(#1)*
The Settlers (#2)*
The Traitors (#3)*
The Explorers (#4)*
The Adventurers (#5)*
The Colonists (#6)*
The Goldseekers (#7)*
The Gallant (#8)*
The Empire Builders (#9)*
The Seafarers (#10)*
The Nationalists (#11)*
The Imperialists(#12)*

Tudor Court Series by Philippa Gregory

These novels are listed in chronological order:

The Constant Princess (#1*
The Other Boleyn Girl (#2)*
The Boleyn Inheritance (#3)*
The Queen's Fool (#4)
The Virgin's Lover (#5)
The Other Queen (#6)*

Welsh Princes Trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman

This series, set in the 13th century, is about medieval Wales and the princes of Gwynedd.

Here be Dragons (#1)*
Falls the Shadow (#2)*
The Reckoning(#3)*

Wideacre Triology by Philippa Gregory

Set in 18th century England, this series tells the story of the Lacey family and their ancestral home 'Wideacre Hall'.

Wideacre (#1)*
The Favoured Child (#2)*
Meridion (#3)*

William Marshal Series by Elizabeth Chadwick

The story of William Marshall who was appointed tutor to the heir to the throne and later became the Earl of Pembroke.

A Place Beyond Courage (#1)*
The Greatest Knight (#2)
The Scarlet Lion (#3)

To Defy a King (#4)

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