Two More eBook Sites: BIGW eBooks and Feedbooks

Readers are always looking for a bargain when purchasing books. Though my first love will always be the traditional paper and cardboard book, I concede that eBooks have a niche to fill, whether for the sake of convenience or for those, like me, with limited bookshelf capacity. However, the most exciting thing about eBooks is the number of titles available by authors previously unknown.

A recent rainy afternoon kept me indoors browsing the Historical Fiction category at the BIGW eBOOKS site. I have been back several times since then, as 650+ pages are too many for one sitting no matter how many cups of coffee I consume. This site is only available to buyers in Australia.

Another ebook site is Feedbooks. I immediately jumped into the Historical Fiction category, followed by the Public Domain section. Needless to say more eBooks found their way into my library.

Always on the look out for novels set during the Napoleonic Wars, I made some interesting discoveries: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous for his Sherlock Holmes novels, had written some with this time setting and to add to my excitement, so had R.D. Blackmore, the author of Lorna Doone.

Both these sites offer lots of bargains: well worth a visit. Who knows what you might discover?

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